Guidelines in software testing

Guidelines in software testing

Software Testing

Software testing is a process of executing, validating and verifying an application or program with an intention to find software bugs, These has to be identified in order to fix the issues. This is ultimate to maintain and deliver a quality product.

Software Testing covers a wide range of areas where any verification or validation of software functionality can occur. Sometimes, non-functional aspects may become less concerning over the functional aspects. They can be performed; simultaneously during software testing. This testing can be performed in types; they are black box testing, white box testing, unit testing, increment integration testing, functional testing, system testing, end-to-end testing, etc.,


Objective of software testing

  • Ensures quality of the product
  • Helps to make sure that it meets the entire requirement
  • Makes the entire tested software to be a complete success

Guidelines in software testing

Below given are some of the guidelines to be followed in software testing

Constitute your credibility: This is just like the quality circumstance which includes consistency, reputation, reliability, attitude knowledge, trust, and attention to detail. It may not happen at instance but should be built over time, which gives recognition to the organization.

Focus on environment and end user: Anticipating and testing an application in a circumstance to meet the user requirements, along with gauging the ability to work for single or multi user system.

Keen observation: An important aspect considered in testing is, test what you observe and understand. Assumption will not work here; Keen observation will also help to write creative test cases which increases opportunity.

Competing reviews: Getting a good insight from the same kind of various products will let to know the specifications, and helps to come up with different test cases and to analyze the strengths and weaknesses an application.

Follow standards and processes: The major and ultimate function in testing is to follow standards and guidelines set by the organization, these helps to pertain documentation, bugs reporting, coding, testing, reporting hierarchy, usage of automated tools etc.,

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