Does every website provide an optimized experience when accessed via a Smartphone or phablet?

It’s not such a big issue if it doesn’t; but everyone now knows the fact that, there are numerous websites coming into existence in every single day. Modern browsers have made the mobile friendly experience for a website in a bearable way with lots and lots of innovations, if websites are not mobile responsive; then that may lead to lose traffic and global reach in this wide-spread online market.

Guidelines in software testing

Software Testing

Software testing is a process of executing, validating and verifying an application or program with an intention to find software bugs, These has to be identified in order to fix the issues. This is ultimate to maintain and deliver a quality product.

Software Testing covers a wide range of areas where any verification or validation of software functionality can occur. Sometimes, non-functional aspects may become less concerning over the functional aspects. They can be performed; simultaneously during software testing. This testing can be performed in types; they are black box testing, white box testing, unit testing, increment integration testing, functional testing, system testing, end-to-end testing, etc.,

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